Àgora is an on-line service integrated in the Catalan Educational Telematic Network (XTEC) offering two types of educational platforms for schools:

Àgora has also a management module called Àgora Portal, addressed to school admins and based on Zikula

The service has currently about 1.500 instances of each platform running on an infrastructure that has only one software installation (replicated on several web servers behind a load balancer), shared by all schools. Each school has its own database and disk space for data storage, thus greatly simplifying the system maintenance while allowing to have its own independent platform.

School admins have full permissions to publish, create and edit sections, classrooms or any other type of content. They can also manage user accounts and grant permissions to teachers, students and parents.

Àgora Nodes

The main components of the Nodes platform are:

More information and a showcase of school sites can be found at: http://agora.xtec.cat/nodes/ (in Catalan)

To learn more about “Nodes”: Nodes, reinventando la web de la escuela (in Spanish)

Àgora Moodle

The open source Virtual Learning Environment Moodle has been used for a long time in Catalan schools. Àgora offers to each school a complete Moodle platform including:

Technical details

The source code repository is organized in git submodules. The steps to reproduce to obtain the full source code are:

See INSTALL.txt for installation instructions.


Àgora is build entirely with open source software. Each component is released under its own license terms, usually GPL 2.0 or GPL 3.0.

Common parts and specific modules are relased under the terms of the EUPL-1.1



With the support of:

AGORA uses code from the following projects:

AGORA includes external resources like:

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